Hidden Danger

Hidden Danger is a series of mini posts that help raise awareness on less common dangers that don’t get as much publicity as drownings, car accidents, or house fires. Learning about these other hazards can help you take simple steps to keep your baby and child safe.

What you wish you’d known about magnets

Children are notorious for eating everything from dirt to bugs, but doctors warn of one common item that can pose a serious danger if swallowed: magnets. Magnets are available in building style, connectivity toys which are said to spark children’s creative spirit and help with motor skills and coordination. See examples below. However, the most…

What you wish you’d known about bathtub toys

If your baby has bathtub toys that can trap water inside like the cute rubber ducks that squirt water, throw them out. Why are those toys dangerous? Those toys are a breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how hard you try, you cannot clean them enough. Remember that you cannot see the bacteria, but it…

What you wish you’d known about button batteries

Did you know that button batteries (Lithium-ion) are one of the most damaging and dangerous things your baby could swallow? Why are button batteries dangerous? If ever ingested, these small disc-shaped batteries react with the saliva/gastric fluids and cause an electro-chemical reaction.  This causes deep and extremely fast corrosion burns into the soft human tissue….

Protect your child from escalator danger

Depending on where your family lives, works, and shops, you may use escalators regularly and may not give it a second thought. Escalators are highly regulated and designed with many safety features that protect passengers. However, if not treated with respect and caution, they can be very dangerous pieces of equipment. Children and older adults…

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